Therapy Services

Many of my clients are queer and trans– I am an active ally to all members of this community.

I work with many clients who experience chronic pain and chronic illness. I understand the grief and frustration that come with these experiences.

I am anti-diet culture and anti-fatphobia. I believe in body liberation. I do not help clients change their bodies, but I do help improve their relationship with them.

I am always moving forward with my own work around privilege and race. I believe in systemic racism and am progressive in my social and political beliefs. I work with clients of ethnicities and races and work hard to be culturally affirming and open.

I am a non-religious therapist. I have experience working with faith transitions and understand the impact of religion on mental health. I work with clients of any faith, or no faith, and encourage all clients to explore their spirituality.

Many of my clients have experienced trauma, but I am NOT a trauma therapist. I am however, trauma-informed, meaning I am knowledgable and aware of the role our body plays in trauma processing and healing. Clients with active trauma may be referred.

I am neurodivergent-affirming and see clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, sensory differences, and more. I also support self-diagnosis as a valid and valuable experience. I was personally diagnosed with ADHD later in life and understand how this can impact our identities.