Online & In-Person Therapy for Depression

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You might need therapy for depression if:

  • Your mood is low
  • Your energy is low (not due to medical issues)
  • Your zest for life just isn’t there
  • You can connect well or be present with others

Depression isn’t just “feeling sad”, nor is it something that you can just “get over” or “think more positively” about. If you’ve heard these things, you probably know how NOT helpful they are. Depression is usually being in a state where you have a low mood, lack of energy, sleep issues, lack of interest or joy in things you like, feelings of loneliness or unworthiness, and sometimes thoughts of suicide or not wanting to be alive.

Depression can be mild and only happen for a few days, or depression can be intense, lasting months at a time, and sometimes feeling like it never truly lifts. If your depression symptoms cause issues in your function and quality of life in any way, therapy might be a good option for you.

How I Help

Therapy for depression often involves slow progress and is focused on coping skills, regulating emotions, developing insight about your past and your current patterns, and learning to partake in behaviors that are supportive and self-compassionate. Many clients with depression benefit from both therapy, and medication, though I do not require clients to take medication to be seen for depression.

You will learn to understand the emotions you experience and how to deal with them in a way that feels manageble. We will talk about your past, your fears, and what makes it hard to make changes in your life. I’ll help you develop self-compassion and help you set small goals to start making immediate changes.