Online & In-Person Therapy for Emotional Regulation

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You might need therapy for emotional regulation if:

  • You find yourself stuffing emotions down
  • You try to “stay positive” rather than acknowledge your pain
  • Your emotions feel out of control, or like they’re controlling you
  • Your relationships suffer because your emotions get the best of you
  • You find yourself overreacting to things that seem small

Can you imagine a world where kids are taught how to label and cope with their emotions rather than being sent to their room, or told to “stop crying”? So many of my clients resonate with this experience or ones like it. How many times have we been told not to dwell on the past, move on, or just get over it? These are all the opposite of healthy.

Therapy for emotional regulation is about embracing emotions without judgement, learning the best ways to cope with emotions that feel big, and practice consistent coping skills to start to feel more in control.

How I Can Help

I help clients understand where their emotional starvation started- childhood? School? A parent? A partner? If we can pinpoint the start, we can also start to unravel and unlearn.

We will get comfortable with identifying emotions, validating emotions, and looking at emotions without labels or judgement (no good or bad here). Once we can do that, we can start to learn how to dampen the impact of these big feelings through coping skills designed for you. Practice makes perfect, so emotional regulation skills are all about being intentional and consistent.

Clients who develop their emotional regulation skills often have lower levels of stress and are able to tolerate more the world around them. Pretty rad.