Online & In-Person Therapy for Relationships

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You might need therapy for relationships if:

  • You struggle to maintain close friendships or romantic relationships
  • Your relationships are emotionally charged and fragile
  • Your family relationships are rocky or explosive
  • You feel resentment towards people who are close to you

Relationships are the backbone of our existence as humans, yet many of us really struggle with communication, listening, forgiveness, and emotional regulation when it comes to other people. There are so many reasons why you might struggle in your relationships, and there is also so much room for growth and improvement. Therapy for relationships can make big changes in your life.

How I Can Help:

I help my clients figure out what makes connecting with others hard. We will explore our family background and patterns, any mental health issues going on, communication skills most of us haven’t been taught, and emotional regulation skills.

A big topic I discuss with many clients is BOUNDARY SETTING! Boundaries protect our well being but also our relationships. Learning what boundaries are, why they’re crucial, and how to enforce them can be a big game changer in improving relationships.