Online & In-Person Therapy for Stress and Burnout

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You might need therapy for stress or burnout if:

  • You are experiencing emotional exhaustion or numbness due to your environment, jobs, or roles
  • You have a sense of hopelessness about your impact
  • You are experiencing fatigue (non-medical)
  • You have low motivation or drive to try hard
  • You are feeling dettached from your purpose

Between work, family, dating/relationships, and friends, there is a lot to always be balancing and managing. It’s honestly crazy anyone trusts ANY of us to just stay alive. If you’re struggling with managing your stress levels or are having a hard time coping with big life circumstances, there are things you can do.

Stress management and burnout prevention are all about prioritizing yourself- which often means prioritizing rest, learning coping skills, and learning how to say no.

How I Can Help

The true solution to burnout is to stop whatever is causing the burnout- but I know that’s not a reality for most people in this world. Therapy for stress and burnout involves being realistic about what is weighing on your and validating your struggle.

I help clients understand their own values around work and productivity, prioritize rest and slowing down, learn nervous system regulation skills, and set boundaries that are meaningful and enforceable.