Online & In-Person Therapy for Self-Esteem

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You might need therapy for self-esteem if:

  • You struggle to speak your mind or share your needs with others
  • You worry a lot about being a burden
  • You have often made yourself “small”
  • You don’t believe your needs or wants are important
  • You pay a lot of attention to how other people are feeling

Self- esteem is a complex issue, and other terms that go well with it include self-confidence, self-compassion, and people-pleasing.

I have found that many clients who believe they struggle with self- esteem are often “people-pleasers”, or are people who spend a lot of time taking responsibility for other people’s emotions and ignoring their own. Self-esteem is impacted more by how we treat ourselves and talk to ourselves than anything else.

Therapy for self-esteem can be a life-changing endeavor.

How I can Help:

I’ll help you figure how and why you learned to people-please or believe what you need/want isn’t important. These conversations can be hard, scary, and sad- but the insight you might gain can be so valuable to your healing.

We will learn about self-compassion, boundaries, and emotional regulation, and I will encourage to practice these things out in the real world. Often when our self-esteem and self-compassion increases, so do the quality of our relationships and our lives.